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After leaving her full time finance job, Vine & Twigs founder Carol having an eye for colours, details, quality workmanship and all things beautiful, went into creative projects like setting up a social enterprise which provided embroidery personalisation services.  Through the customer relationships built up, she noticed people had very little time getting gifts for their loved ones and wished that they had someone else to do all the thinking, buying and wrapping for them. 

It triggered the thought  from few years back while still in the corporate world where she saw the gift hampers received by the company she was working for and thought, if she could personalise and design gifts for people like herself.

Quality and beautiful products, creative and visually exciting. 

At Vine & Twigs, we believe that the perfect gift tells who you are and what you stand for.  Our goal is to help you offer chic, unique and beautiful products, package them with all the ribbons and bows and deliver them, as if you had just spent an entire weekend, perfecting it.   This would leave you with plenty of time, doing what you are suppose to do....bringing in that new client or taking the kids for their extra curricular activities.

The Vine & Twigs team will thoughtfully and carefully prepare each gift request, with you and your business brand in mind. We are over-the-moon excited when we hear from clients, how delighted the gift recipient was.  That's what drives us...