In tones of gold and lime-green, designed to add a punch of colour. Perfect for a birthday gift or bridesmaids' party.

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A creamy and soothing bar of Goat's Milk with Basil soap, suitable for face or body blended with basil essential oil; peppery and sweet with notes of anise.  Contains saponified oils of olive, coconut, and castor, with shea butter, goat milk, and essential oils. Made in the USA.

Coriander Lime Candle Tin has punchy upfront citrus notes with a floral and musky finish.   Soy base and hand poured in the USA. 20 hour burn time • screw-top lid • 3 1/4˝ wide x 1 1/4˝ high.

Gold plating Seashell tea strainer. Made in Japan

A beautiful Lime green and Gold mug from ceramic artist of Suite One Studio in the US.  Handwash, not microwavable. 16 oz, 3.75"H, 5.25" Diameter.

A 250ml bottle of Belvoir Lime & Lemongrass Pressé.  This is a deliciously aromatic blend of real pressed lime juice and an extract of freshly cooked lemongrass made on the farm which makes a wonderfully zippy and refreshing drink. Made in the USA.

A box of Rosemary matches

Packaged in our custom made pine wooden box with a satin ribbon. The box is reusable to keep personal mementos.