Man of Great Taste

Man of Great Taste


The Man of Great Taste box features many favorites. Great for your dad, the man in your life or as a groomsmen box.

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A Combo pack of 4 selections of Scotch and Bourbon toothpicks

Key Cable, a keychain with concealed connectors, giving him access to any USB power outlet so he's always prepared for those daily charging emergencies. It’s short and compact enough to fit in the pocket, but long enough to allow you to use your phone whilst charging and syncing.A lightweight gold-coloured stainless steel shoe horn

A deck of premium designed " Tycoon" playing cards

A set of 4 leather coasters in dark brown

A pair of stylish self-deodorization cotton polka-dot socks: Perfect for the office!

Packaged in our custom made pine wooden box with a black satin ribbon. The box is reusable to keep personal mementos.